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    For more Big Dicks, check out Mike’s Big Dicks - http://cycz.us/mbd (Reblogged from Twitter via http://ift.tt/1B3sf0v)

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    Stopping to take a leak

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    On peut facilement faire un duo sous la douche dans une baignoire

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    Just dried off from a shower so not wet but hey




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    Twink Selfie Series! pt2


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    Another hottie with super long floppy foreskin! DAMN! Looks like an ant-eater!

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    Somehow, despite my complete lack of exercise over the past few months I’ve managed to keep off the gut. My body ain’t looking that bad. The size of my dick give the illusion my belly is quite small! It’s payday Friday and so I’m back on the whole healthy eating, muscle building, beefcake wannabe-ing! I must get fit and sexy so I can look half as good as that guy Exterface sent me in the mail! We’ll see!

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